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Indriya from India
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Is the noble marriage of Arabica with an hint of Robusta from Southern India. A full-bodied espresso, it has a distinct personality with notes of pepper,nutmeg and cloves. The Arabica and Robusta chosen for this blend grow in southern India, in the shade of large trees that also provide shelter for pepper and spice growing. Only absolutely perfect beans,whic have passed a rigorous process are used for this blend.
cocoa and dry plants notes, as well as a spicy bouquet reminishent of cloves,pepper and nutmeg.
Generic informations
Store in a dry place at room temperature
Manufacturer Nespresso Italiana S.p.A.
net weighing 5,00 gr

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21/11/2014 16:06
Gusto decisamente diverso dal solito caffe, una scelta per variatori

Italian translation
Gusto decisamente diverso dal solito caffe, per una scelta variatori

Leggermente speziato e delicato.
13/10/2014 14:31
Un caffè non troppo forte ma con un sapore veramente notevole.
ottima persistenza del sapore in bocca.

Italian translation
A coffee not too strong but with a remarkable flavor. Excellent persistence of flavor in the mouth.

09/08/2014 21:18
Caffè abbastanza forte ,e solo questo vuol dire che piace a me e non a mia moglie

sicuramente da riacquistare

Italian translation
Coffee strong enough, and this only means that like me and not my wife certainly be repurchased

30/07/2014 08:57
Aroma molto intenso e dal gusto piacevolissimo.

Italian translation
Very intense aroma and pleasant taste.

ndriya from India
10/07/2014 16:32
Ottima miscela, mi piace variare gusto ogni giorno, e come al solito la qualità nespresso è sempre la migliore.

Italian translation
Great mix, I like to vary taste every day, and as usual the quality is always the best nespresso.

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