Original Coffee Capsules Illy Iperespresso

A coffee with and decided by the strong bitterness. The high-bodied accompanied by intense notes of cocoa and toast that leave a pleasant aftertaste in your mouth all chocolate blended with a sweet note.
Generic informations
Store in a dry place at room temperature
Manufacturer Illycaffè S.p.A.
net weighing 6,67 gr
11/11/2014 13:13
Aroma persistente

Italian translation
Lingering aroma

23/06/2014 13:25
Ottimo caffè.lo metto subito dopo idillium!

Italian translation
Very soon after I put caffè.lo Idillium!

Monoarabica India
12/05/2014 17:03
Tra i monoarabica di Illy è il mio preferito, corposo e con marcate note di cacao.

Italian translation
Among the monoarabica Illy is my favorite, full-bodied and with strong notes of cocoa.

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