Caffè Bonini Long

Compatible coffee pods ESE 44mm

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Size: 60ml
This 100% Arabica blend is ideal for those who love to get a result in the cup long and consistent. Hints of dried fruit and cereals delicate emerge in this new flavor to be discovered.
Generic informations
Store in a dry place at room temperature
Ingredients Roasted and ground coffee. Packaged in a protected atmosphere.
Manufacturer Caffè Bonini S.r.l.
net weighing 7,00 gr
Caffè lungo
02/07/2015 09:58
Va benissimo per chi lo desidera ed è abiutuato a prendere il caffè in "taza grande".

Italian translation
It's fine for those who want it and is abiutuato to have coffee in \ "taza big \".

Gusto Lungo
25/05/2015 16:48
Essendo il primo che lascio una recensione su questo gusto, devo dire che come sempre il servizio è ottimo, per quanto riguarda il caffè invece, io preferisco il corposo ed il gusto intenso, ma comunque si tratta sempre di un buon caffè.

Italian translation
Being the first to leave a review on this taste, I must say that, as always, the service is great, as far as the coffee instead, I prefer the full-bodied and intense flavor, but it's always good coffee.

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