Caffè Bonini Decaffeinato decaffeinato

Compatible coffee pods ESE 44mm

Size: 40ml
Blend with a perfect mix of taste and lightness. If you want to enjoy your coffe, but without caffein, this is the best choice!
Generic informations
Store in a dry place at room temperature
Ingredients Roasted and ground coffee. Packaged in a protected atmosphere.
Manufacturer Bonini S.r.l.
net weighing 7,00 gr

4.6 on 5 stars


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11/05/2020 12:04
Molto buono

Italian translation
Molto buono

04/10/2019 07:26
I have purchased 16 boxes of 50 decaffeinate coffee. the shipment is littered with about 1/3rd inferior coffee pods. some just have a slight taste of coffee whilst others are very potent. i was going to setup a regular shipment for a coffee shop that i am about to open. under these circumstances i am unable to purchase any more. a real pity.

27/08/2019 19:13
Assaggiato a casa di un amica ottimo

Italian translation
Assaggiato a casa di un amica ottimo

Come il bar
17/05/2018 17:45
Da provare come il bar

Italian translation
Da provare come il bar

31/01/2018 16:15
Le vostre 100 cialde deca sono finite nella spazzatura: solo acqua colorata. ho buttato quasi 17,00 euro.

Italian translation
le vostre 100 cialde deca sono finite nella spazzatura: solo acqua colorata. Ho buttato quasi 17,00 euro.

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