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A wide range of coffee machines for sale meet your demands: economic, automatic, built-in or they do drinks and herbal teas. The coffee maker can match our pods and capsules Coffee Bonini compatible and guarantee the best espresso at the best price. Check out the features and offerings of each machine, or contact our service center for advice.

Coffee machines

Coffee machines Lavazza Lavazza Tiny + 144 Capsule Originali

Lavazza Lavazza Tiny + 144 Capsule Originali

Advise me as soon as available
Coffee machines Lavazza Espresso Point Mini

Lavazza Espresso Point Mini

Starting from 89,00 €
Coffee machines Didiesse Didi

Didiesse Didi

Starting from 119,00 €
Coffee machines Didiesse Frog

Didiesse Frog

Starting from 119,00 €


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