Illy Monoarabica Etiopia

Original Coffee Capsules Illy Iperespresso

Monoarabica Etiopia
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Where sweet is gently kissed by bitter: quietly seductive, with fruity notes of citrus and jasmine giving a light and elegant body. From the legendary Yirgacheffe territory, among Arabica's earliest known origins, and long considered among its finest. Naturally shade grown under the protection of lush, nearly inaccessible forests, where collection by hand remains the only practical way
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Store in a dry place at room temperature
Manufacturer Illycaffè S.p.A.
net weighing 6,70 gr

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11/11/2014 13:10
Aroma intenso, buonissimo!

Italian translation
Intense aroma, very good!

poco corposo!
18/08/2014 10:42
Non è una delle mie preferite. ha un sapore troppo delicato per i miei gusti. non riesco a percepire le "note floreali" delle quali si parla nella descrizione. ha una buona acidità!

Italian translation
It is not one of my favorites. It tastes too mild for my taste. I can not perceive the \ "floral notes \" of which you speak in the description. It has good acidity!

Wonderfil flavor
19/07/2014 19:09
Wonderful flavor and very smooth. not shy but not overbold. i was looking for a change from their standard (and very nice) iperespresso flavor and i'm very happy with their ethopian capsules

Buono ma c'è di meglio
12/06/2014 18:07
Buon caffè con idillium e brazil non c'è paragone.

Italian translation
Good coffee ... but with Idillium Brazil and there \ 's no comparison.

Caffè della mattina
25/05/2014 18:18
Buon caffè per un risveglio energetico, sorsegiato senza zucchero lascia il suo intenso ma gradevole aroma per parecchie ore

Italian translation
Good coffee for an energy awakening, sorsegiato without sugar leaves his intense but pleasant aroma for several hours

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