Nescafè Marrakesh Style Tea

The Original Herbal teas and capsules Dolce Gusto

Marrakesh Style Tea
Want to add some mystery to your day? Immerse yourself in the wonder of Marrakech Style Tea: An intensely minty and beautifully refreshing taste of Morocco. Our exquisite new flavour fuses green tea, a touch of cooling mint, sweetened to perfection and topped with the infamous Dolce Gusto® foam, to create the ultimate fairytale tea.
Generic informations
Store in a dry place at room temperature
Manufacturer Nestlè Italiana S.p.A
net weighing 7,30 gr

4.52 on 5 stars


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13/11/2017 00:13
My favorite dolce gusto tea!

Italian translation
My favorite dolce gusto tea!

thè marocchino
30/10/2015 10:44
prende spunto dal thè verde marocchino, ovviamente con l'originale non c'è paragone, ma questo lo può richiamare vagamente. nel complesso un buon thè, anche se non troppo lungo

Italian translation
It inspired by the Moroccan green tea, of course \ 's original \' s comparison, but this can vaguely recall. overall a good tea, though not too long

Marrakesh Style Tea
09/08/2015 17:23
Sinceramente mi aspettavo di meglio...

Italian translation
Honestly I expected better ...

27/05/2015 19:21
Fresco con una piacevole nota di menta che ricorda le vecchie gomme brooklin

Italian translation
Fresh with a pleasant hint of mint reminiscent of old tires brooklin

01/12/2014 15:07
Mi aspettavo di meglio, troppo dolce.

Italian translation
I expected better, too sweet.

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