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Compatible Coffee Capsules compatible with Nespresso®* system

Gimoka tasting kit
Size: 40ml


Gimoka tasting kit which includes 30 capsules of Espresso Intenso, 30 of Espresso Deciso and 30 of Espresso Cremoso. Intense: Blend of South American Arabica coffee, which give roasted and chocolate notes, which are well balanced with coffees from South-East Asia, which make the blend full-bodied and round to the taste. The result is an intense coffee rich in aromas, characterized by a persistent aftertaste of spices and dried fruit. Decisive: An espresso with an enveloping body that expresses a combination of hints of bitter cocoa and dried fruit. The prolonged roasting gives this blend with a strong taste and precious woods that releases a prolonged and enveloping scent on the palate. Creamy: A coffee born from the combination of Central and South American Arabica and beans from the Asian continent, which amazes with its unique softness. A balanced mix of sweet and fruity aromas, combined with biscuit notes that create an enveloping and creamy espresso.

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*The Nespresso® brand is not owned by Gruppo Gimoka S.p.A società unipersonale, nor by any company connected to it.


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