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Monoarabica Brasile
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Intense of aroma, yet velvety in feel, rich with chocolate and all it conjures. A sensory revolution.
Sourced from the plateaus of Cerrado Mineiro, a delicate, tropical savanna with remarkable biodiversity, and a climate marked by periods of rain and drought -- ideal for growing coffee.


4.96 on 5 stars


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El que más me gusta
05/01/2015 13:08
Vi los comentarios favorables y me decidí a probarlo. no me defraudó: fuerte, pero no demasiado. con cuerpo y potente. no te deja indiferente.

Italian translation
I saw the rave reviews and decided to try it. I was not disappointed: strong, but not too much. Full-bodied and powerful. Do not leave you indifferent.

19/10/2014 09:35
Estoy encantado de haber encontrado esta web porque me ha permitido probar las veriedades monoarabica que no existen en españa. brasil es un cafe ideal, fuerte y con mucho cuerpo. seguramente el mejor.

Italian translation
I am delighted to have found this site because it allowed me to test the monoarabica-varieties that do not exist in Spain. Brazil is an ideal, strong and full-bodied coffee. Surely the best.

Sapore deciso!
17/08/2014 18:36
Molto corposo! ha un sapore più forte e intenso rispetto al classico blend illy (rosso).
ottimo quando si ha voglia di un caffè con un sapore più deciso.

Italian translation
Very full-bodied! It has a stronger flavor and intense than the classic illy blend (red). Great when you want a coffee with a stronger flavor.

Il Brasile a casa tua
12/06/2014 18:06
Ottima corposità, molto cremoso. ottima anche la spedizione e l'efficienza nella gestione dell'ordine.

Italian translation
Great body, very creamy. Also good expedition el \ 'efficiency in the management \' s order.

Caffè per tutto il giorno
25/05/2014 18:21
Ottimo caffè più aromatizzato rispetto all'etiopia

Italian translation
Great coffee flavored more than \ 's Ethiopia

12/05/2014 13:50
Caffè intenso e molto buono.consegna velocissima.complimenti

Italian translation
Coffee intense and very buono.Consegna velocissima.Complimenti

Darina Avramova
15/04/2014 13:51
Това кафе, както и всички monoarabica ме изненада много приятно със собствен характер, интензивност и аромат.

Italian translation
This coffee and all Monoarabica very pleasantly surprised me with its own character and flavor intensity.

Molto buono
02/04/2014 19:05
Provato per la prima volta, è stata una sorpresa! davvero molto buono

Italian translation
Tried it for the first time, it was a surprise! very good indeed

Monoarabica Brasile
09/02/2014 20:28
Buono, corposo

Italian translation
Good, full-bodied

Monoarabica Brasile
21/01/2014 20:40
Molto buono

Italian translation
very good

09/09/2013 07:46
So soll ein brasil schmecken

Italian translation
How to taste a Brasil

24/05/2013 18:33
Il gusto del vero caffè: forte e deciso!

Italian translation
The taste of real coffee: strong and firm!


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