Illy Decaffeinato

Original Coffee Capsules Illy Iperespresso

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The signature taste and aromas of medium roast, minus the caffeine.
Generic informations
Store in a dry place at room temperature
Manufacturer Illycaffè S.p.A.
net weighing 6,70 gr

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29/02/2016 10:12
Ottimo caffè che non fa rimpiangere il caffè non decaffeinato. delicatezza e aroma i suoi punti di forza

Italian translation
Great coffee that does not regret the non decaffeinated coffee. Delicate aroma and its strengths

17/08/2014 18:30
L' inconfondibile gusto del tradizionale blend illy con meno dello 0,05% di caffeina.
per chi ama il buon caffè ma non tollera molto la caffeina!

Italian translation
L \ 'unmistakable taste of traditional illy blend with less than 0.05% caffeine. For those who love good coffee but does not tolerate much caffeine!

decaffeinato illy
26/07/2014 11:24
Un decaffeinato che sembra un vero caffè. buono e cremoso.

Italian translation
A decaffeinated coffee that looks like a real. Good and creamy.

19/07/2014 19:22
Really good taste and quality, best service and correct attitude.

molto buono
23/06/2014 13:23
Buonissimo decaffeinato

Italian translation
delicious decaffeinated

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