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Tisana Dopo Pasto
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Size: 150ml


It 'a preparation of valuable medicinal plants, can be drunk throughout the year, both hot and cold. Has no caffeine and/or theine so can be consummed during all day.


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Tisana dopo pasto
28/04/2014 11:01
Ottima e molto gustosa
eccezzionale anche nelle spedizioni

Italian translation
Excellent and very tasty also exceptional in shipments

più leggero
10/10/2013 15:17
Molto buona la tisana, solo sarebbe bello sapere quali piante officinali sono contenute nella tisana.

Italian translation
Very good herbal tea, just be nice to know which herbs can be found in herbal tea.

Ivan Bs
04/03/2013 14:38
Ottima tisana che può gareggiare tranquillamente con quelle classiche ad infusione.. senza dover aspettare 5 minuti per berla

Italian translation
Excellent herbal tea that can easily compete with those classic infusion .. without having to wait 5 minutes to drink it

dopo pasto
22/02/2013 20:37
Non so se è merito della tisana o meno,però dopo averla bevuta ho digerito molto bene

Italian translation
I do not know if it's about the tea or not, but after drinking it I digested very well


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