Nespresso Bukeela Ka Ethiopia

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Bukeela Ka Ethiopia
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Composed of two very different Arabicas from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, this delicately fresh and floral Pure Origin Lungo reveals unexpectedly wild notes of musk and wood
Generic informations
Store in a dry place at room temperature
Manufacturer Nespresso Italiana S.p.A.
net weighing 5,50 gr

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21/11/2014 16:00
Aroma amarostico e gusto sufficiente

Italian translation
Aroma amarostico e gusto sufficiente

04/08/2014 15:45
Raffinato, dal gusto fresco e floreale

Italian translation
Refined taste fresh and floral

Bukeela originale
31/05/2014 12:48
Ho voluto assaggiare questo nuovo gusto e l'ho trovato delicato ma niente di particolare.

Italian translation
I wanted to try this new flavor el \ 'delicate but I found nothing in particular.

18/04/2014 17:08
be che dire... buon caffeee!!

Italian translation
well what to say ... good caffeee!

Assaggio Bukeela
07/03/2014 10:24
Sembra caffè allungato,molto meglio una qualsiasi miscela di casa Bonini

Italian translation
It looks like coffee elongated, much better than any mix of house Bonini

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